Day 1 at the Soul 61 House

Hey guys! So Soul 61 has officially started and I am so pumped and ready to see Gods work this year!

It has been a great first day at Soul 61! We moved into the house around midday yesterday, and I’m sharing with 4 other awesome guys!


I am lucky enough to have my own room, with a kick ass desk which is perfect for gaming and general merriment! 

Our house is on Hazel tree road so we have decided to rename ourselves the Hazel Trees because it sounds so pretty! After unpacking we all made the trip to ASDA to get some stuff and we realised that we go to the end of the road and then cross it and we end up in the car park of this mahousive supermarket. So the house is well placed!

We then met the rest of the gang at the 8pm celebration that they host once a month, and after that we went to the pub to get “better acquainted!” Although we got some rather dodgy looks walking through the pub as if we were intruding on the locals night out!  After that we headed back home, chilled and then went to bed!

The rest of the guys are awesome, and there is going to be so much banter on this course it’s unreal!

Thanks guys for reading. God bless.

Ryan 🙂


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